Jay & Becky Brewer opened Prehistoric Pets in 1988, but back then it was a small store named Pet Country. Jay's love had always been in breeding rare and endangered boas and pythons, Jay and his wife, soon converted the little pet store into a large reptile store and started fulfilling his dream. Within a few years and with some success, Pet Country became Prehistoric Pets, which today is one of the nation's leaders in the breeding and selling of rare and exotic reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

With his vast knowledge in reptiles; friends and customers encouraged Jay to do reptile presentations which he has now been doing since the early 90's. For years these presentations were only advertised by "word of mouth," and even with this, he gradually received more and more requests. By early 1997 it became clear that it was time for Prehistoric Pets to move up to a new level. So, Jurassic Parties was born.

The goal of Jurassic Parties is to further the public’s understanding and respect for reptiles through interactive education that is both fun and meaningful for all guests. To complete this Jurassic Parties provides educational hands-on presentations at schools, birthday parties, and special events using a variety of reptiles from around the world.

Today, we have many well-trained hosts/hostesses that go to homes, schools, parks, businesses and more sharing our knowledge and experience with people of all ages. With the expansion of Prehistoric Pets in 2001, we now offer parties in-store too.

Your Jurassic adventure begins with an exciting. “hands-on” presentation with 10-15 animals like: large snakes, lizards, frogs, tortoises, tarantulas and scorpions.....just to name a few.

Your host/hostess, creates an outrageously fun, exciting and educational experience that you and your guests will NOT forget. You can join in the “hands-On” fun or just stand back, watch and learn! The presentation is full of incredible photo opportunities and concludes with a group photo with our large python, memories that will last a lifetime! So have your camera ready and plenty of film on hand!